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We repair, service, & replace all brands of Spa & Pool Gas Heaters

When contacting us, just let us know the Brand, or at least colour of your spa heater.

Some of the more common heaters we regularly repair are: Hurlcon / Astralpool / Pentair / Raypak / Rheem / Bosch / Everdure / Dega Research / De-gas / Waterco / Teledyne-Laars / Hayward / Hurlcon Astralpool / Purex Tropic Isle / Chaffoteaux - Maury 3/ MiniMax Looking to Convert your Spa from Electric to Gas and save up to and over 80% running costs? Check out our notes towards the bottom of the page.

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older Hurlcon HX 120 gas spa heater parts very old Hurlcon HX 120 gas heater
Hurlcon MX - Pool Heaters
Hurlcon HX 70 & 120 / WX 70 & 120 & MiniMax MM Spa Heaters
Hurlcon Astralpool Viron
Hurlcon Astralpool HiNRG
Hurlcon Astralpool HX120 spa heater repairs
Purex Tropic Isle
Purex Hurlcon MiniMax
Hurlcon JX 160 & 130 Wall Mount Heaters
Raypak RP2100
Raypak Millivolt
Dega / Degas 100mj Gas Spa Heater
Typical Dega Skid Pack
Everdure, Bosch, Pyrox, Chaffoteaux - Maury were all modified hot water heaters and still have some spare parts available. These were the first of the wall-mount heaters. Very hardy, but inefficient. They ran on a bypass heating system & many required standalong thermostats. Some needed a solenoid style setup. The Onga Ultra 2700 & Ultra 4700 gas heaters took over from the Dega bypass style heaters. These were a fan-extracted heater. Despite many people saying there are “no spare parts,” we can still get some, so it may be worth having a look at. Our gas-heater plumber / technician has worked on these for many years. - Typically beige & brown. Some are white.
Everdure Spa Heater
Chaffoteaux-Maury Spa Heater
Beige Spa Heater
Beige Spa Heater
Onga Ultra 4700 Spa Heater
Waterco S&P 2000e Spa Heater Skid Pack
Waterco S&P 2000e
Jandy / Zodiac
Raypak Optimum

Or you can pick the picture that matches your heater the best:

The Gas Heater & Electronic specialists more Manufacturer’s recommend. We are on the lookout for a well- presented, qualified service person for other areas of Melbourne. Please email us  if you are interested. For swimming pool servicing on the Mornington Peninsula we recommend
03 5902 2765
Our trading terms are located on our website and the trading terms shall form part of the contract which governs the relationship between you and us”.
Gecko, Balboa, Aquaflo, SpaNET, SpaQuip, Hurlcon, Astralpool, Pentair, and more…

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“Our trading terms are located on our website andMortrading terms shall form part of the contract which governs the relationship between you and us”.