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 Updates 2018:  - Gas Heater Sale - Min. 30% off - Flat Fees for most repairs! - The Electronics & Gas Specialists. - Yes, we do pool equipment too! - We are looking for a Qualified Gas Heater Technician & also a Spa Technician
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“Our trading terms are located on our website andMortrading terms shall form part of the contract which governs the relationship between you and us”.
SPARE PARTS AND SERVICES FOR OLDER DEGA EQUIPMENT PARTS & PRODUCTS: Dega / De-gas / Degas Gas Spa Heaters - De-gas Dega High Efficiency Compact Spa Heater 100 MJ For Natural & LPG Applications AGA Approval No 4433 | Dega Research Pty LTD Model: DE-GAS 100MJ Part Number 1-0989-00 | Onga Item No 1002850 SPAPAK 100mJ NG T/C BR9000 663 / Item No1002800 / Part No 1098800P We repair and supply spare parts & changeover equipment for these older heaters. Where parts are no longer available, or when the heater cannot be repaired, we can supply suitable replacement heaters. Dega Blowers- Replacement blowers are available. Dega Air Switches / Timer Control Boxes - replacements are available. Dega Electric Heaters & Spa Bath Pumps - Heated Spa Bath Pumps / Non-heated Spa Bath Pumps Other Spare Parts are listed here. SERVICING & REPAIRS: On-site Repairs & Service - We can only service Bayside Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and some other Melbourne areas on-site. Products can be posted to us for repairs. Please contact us at for more information. Please be aware that any Dega / De-gas heater is now a minimum of 20 years old and may not be repairable.